Specialist Engineering Consultancy


Howard Witt
Howard is our fearless leader and climate solutions engineer. If you care about our planet contact him.

Rahsn Witt
Principal Engineer – 0409 204 252
Rahsn has many years experience in the field of engineering and even some grey hairs now. He has provided expert advice on numerous projects including major infrastructure, building, and mining projects. His work has directly resulted in the protection of hundreds of workers’ lives and project cost savings running into the hundreds of millions.
Completed Confined Space Training
BE (Civil Hons), MEngSci, RINA, MIEAust, CPEng, NPER, 2287439

Nick Kennedy
Senior Engineer – 0434 945 040
Nick is the best kite surfer at Witt Consulting. He has more toys than anyone you know. Oh yeah, he knows his way around rocks as well.
Completed Confined Space Training and Asbestos Awareness Training
BE (Civil), MIEAust

Yantao Wei
Senior Engineer
Yantao has recently completed his masters in structural engineering. He can design anything. Prior to joining Witt Consulting Yantao worked with ARUP in Hong Kong.
BE (Civil) MEng

Tessa Dunford
Office Manager

Sydney Drilling

44 City Rd,  Chippendale, NSW.   2008.  Australia

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